Joggers: When To Wear And How To Style (The Style Guide)

These sporty pants are the epitome of comfort. Joggers are full-length pants that have an elastic band at the ankle. These athletic-looking pants are wide at the hip but taper down till they reach your ankle. What is the best way to style these casual pants?

Joggers come in a variety of styles and fabrics. The way you style your joggers relies heavily on the type of jogger you’re wearing. You can style jogger pants in many ways and still look like a fashionista. 

In this article, let’s discuss when you can wear joggers. We’ll also talk about how to style different types of joggers for other occasions. 

When Should You Wear Joggers?

The fabric of your jogger pants decides when you can wear them. Most joggers are made from sweatpant material. This makes it best for casual wear. You can also get joggers in denim, cargo material, and more.  

These comfortable, unisex pants are wardrobe staples in the summer. Sweatpant joggers are loose, breathable, and extremely comfortable on hot summer days. The elastic band near the ankles helps give your lounge outfit a more stylised touch. 

Jogger pants were initially worn by people during exercise. The ankle band ensured that people didn’t trip over their pants. Joggers are a good option during cardio exercise. They will keep you comfortable by absorbing sweat. 

Joggers are also an excellent choice to wear as an everyday outfit. If you want to feel comfortable, then joggers are the best options. 

Joggers are full-length pants. So if you don’t experience extremely cold winters, they are a good option to wear at home. 

High-end fashion brands are revolutionising what is considered ‘appropriate’. Brands like Gucci and Versace have joggers pants in their line-up. This is changing the street style adopted by celebrities. You can find people wearing joggers even in malls and at the beach. 

Besides sweatpant material, you can also get denim joggers. These pants exit the realm of loungewear and enter into streetwear. Denim joggers are popular pant options amongst the young crowd. They won’t work as loungewear outfits. But you can wear them casually. 

You can wear denim joggers for a birthday party or get-togethers. The pants are comfortable, and kids can easily play in jogger pants. They can wear denim joggers for a long time without feeling sweaty or suffocated. Like sweatpants, denim joggers are also slightly looser. 

Cargo material is another popular fabric you can get joggers in. Cargo joggers usually come in neutral earth tones. They are best to wear as a streetwear outfit. Cargo joggers are usually bulkier than denim pants. So you can wear it with both a loose t-shirt for a casual style. With a tighter-fitting t-shirt, you’ll look more dressed up. 

Another type of jogger is called ‘smart joggers’. These combine the comfort of jogger pants more formally. Smart joggers push the boundary of wearing loungewear as a formal outfit. Smart joggers are usually made with twill material. This adds stiffness to the pants.

How to Style Jogger Pants? 

Joggers are extremely versatile pants. But it’s difficult to style them because of their versatility. The pants look good with many types of shirts. But if you’re styling yourself to achieve a particular look, then the type of shirt and accessories you wear with joggers need more thought. 

We’ve thought for you. Read on to know how to style joggers. 

  • Think of the Fit of the Top
  • Jogger pants are usually loose-fitting, especially near the knee. So if you want an even more casual look, you can go for a loose top. But, if you want your outfit to look a bit more modern, choose a tighter-fitting top. Henleys' t-shirts or form-fitting casual shirts are good options. A tight fit will look more appropriate for a day-out look. 

  • Add Layers to Make it Formal.
  • Layering works best with cargo or denim joggers. You can wear a casual t-shirt and dress it up with denim or a bomber jacket. This will give you a more elevated look that you can even wear to a bar or a night out. Though it’s not the typical night-out outfit, you will be comfortable wearing it. 

  • Choosing the Right Footwear 
  • It’s established that joggers are casual. So if you want your outfit to look more casual, you can go for open-toed sandals. 

    But if you want to look more stylised, then choose close-toed footwear. Sneakers, boots, and even ballerina flats help to elevate a jogger look. Chunky sneakers are both comfortable and stylish. But you can also wear heels if you’re wearing the outfit to brunch. 

    What to Wear With Joggers?

    After learning how to style jogger pants, it’s easy to put-together cohesive outfits. Here are some of the best tops to wear with joggers.

  • Oversized T-Shirt 
  • Pairing jogger pants with oversized t-shirts will give you one of two looks. Either it is the perfect loungewear outfit that you can wear in lieu of pyjamas. Or it’s a high-fashion street style outfit worn by celebrities in Los Angeles. 

    Jogger pants themselves are breathable and comfortable. But when you pair an oversized t-shirt with it, it becomes like wearing a cloud. The oversized t-shirt look works best with sweatpant joggers when worn indoors. But for streetwear, you can wear it with baggy cargo joggers or even denim joggers. 

  • Henleys T-shirt
  • Henleys' T-shirts are the perfect mid-point between casual and business-casual. Most henleys t-shirts are made with a cotton jersey material that’s comfortable and breathable. But you can also pair henleys t-shirts with twill joggers to get a day-out look. The fit of the twill joggers and a long-sleeved henleys shirt will make you look extra stylish. You can complete this look with a pair of sneakers. 

  • Tank Top and Jacket 
  • A layered look is always the best way to increase your style quotient immediately. You can add layers to joggers by wearing a denim jacket under a tank top. This look works well if you’re spending a day at the mall. If you want to forego the jacket, you can do that too. But instead, add an accessory like a scarf or a large necklace. 

    A tank top with joggers is also a good loungewear outfit. Wear a cotton tank with jogger sweatpants. You can wear this outfit to the gym or even in pyjamas. 

  • Oversized Sweaters 
  • Joggers with oversized sweaters are the most comfortable outfits for the chilly season. Pick a neutral or jewel-tone sweater. This outfit will help keep children warm without fear of overheating.

    The comfort of joggers is why everybody likes them. Knowing how best to style jogger pants is a handy trick to learn. And now you know!


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