What To Wear With Jogger Pants For Girls?

Joggers are some of the most versatile and comfortable pants that you can wear. But have you wondered how to style joggers for various occasions? 

Styling clothes to make a fashionable outfit is not always easy. If you’re given a pair of joggers, it’s very easy to dress it up and dress it down. Comfort has permeated all spheres of fashion. With joggers, you can both look good and feel comfortable. They’re increasingly becoming a part of many people’s daily outfits. You can get joggers in even formal styles suitable for even professional settings. 

For little girls on the run, joggers can be the perfect play-date outfit. They match well with most styles of tops. Here are some popular ways to style jogger pants for girls. 

Significance of Jogger Pants 

The name probably gives it away. Jogger pants are traditionally worn by people who jog. This style of pants is preferred because of how they fit. The pants have an elasticated waist and ankles. Because of the fitted ankles, the pants won’t impede any movement or activity. Joggers are also usually loose-fitting, which adds to the comfort they offer. 

Today, joggers have become popular streetwear items because it has both form and function. You can get joggers in many fabrics, making them suitable for various occasions. Here are some of the best ways to style your joggers. 

Best top to wear with joggers while exercising.

Joggers are one of the best functions of the sport because they are so comfortable and breathable. Even if you sweat, they will be the most comfortable option. Here are some ways to wear joggers while exercising. 

Joggers with a Tanktop 

There is no better exercising outfit than cargo shorts and a black tank top. This will be one of the most comfortable options when doing a cardio exercise. If you’re planning on doing an outdoor workout, add a pair of sunglasses to the look. Jogger sweatpants are very soft and work well to avoid excessive sweat when exercising. 

Joggers with t-shirt

Cargo joggers are perfect to wear on a hike. Since the material is thick, it will protect you from sticks and brambles that may otherwise scratch you. And since it has numerous pockets, you won’t have to carry a separate bag. For the perfect hiking outfit, wear a tight-fitting t-shirt over your joggers. Then, you can add a thin sweatshirt. Make sure you have a removable layer on, as you will likely sweat on a hike. If you’re hiking in a hot area, you can wear your joggers with a sports bra. 

Loose Sweatshirts 

If your joggers are a bit on the tighter side, then they will look perfect when paired with loose sweatshirts. If the top is too loose, you can tuck in just the front portion to add a stylized element. You can also scrunch up the sleeve to give a more tousled look to your outfit. Finish your outfit with a pair of flat sneakers for the most comfort. Sweatshirts are best for indoor exercising as you will be in a weather-controlled environment. 

Best top to wear with joggers in the summer.

Cotton joggers are some of the most popular and commonly available ones. On a hot summer’s day, wearing joggers will cool you off. It is also easy to style joggers to look good for a day-out outfit. You will be comfortable even in a very dressed-up outfit with joggers. Here are some ideas to style joggers for the summer. 

Sleeveless Tunic 

A short, sleeveless tunic with denim joggers is the perfect summer outfit. Since both the top and bottoms are breezy, the summer heat won’t be a problem. You can add oversized sunglasses as an accessory to this outfit. Since denim joggers are a solid color, you can pair them with a top of any color. 

Patterned Button-down

If you’re attending a summer BBQ, then cargo joggers are some of the best options. For the perfect summer outfit, pair your joggers with a button-down shirt. Light colors and patterned shirts will look perfect. Finish the outfit with a pair of vans or chunky sneakers. This outfit will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Oversized T-shirt 

If you’re a fan of Billie Elish, you would be very familiar with this outfit. This pop singer has recently revolutionized wearing baggy clothes over baggy clothes. If your pants are monochrome, you can pick a colorful top or style it vice versa. This style of clothing is also being marketed heavily by high-end fashion brands. 

Loose crop top

In keeping with the trend of elevated streetwear, a pair of black joggers and a loose crop top are some of the most popular outfits. For this trend, the most popular joggers with words or a band down the seam. This outfit looks complete with oversized sunglasses and white sneakers. This is a popular coffee shop outfit that is easy to throw together. 

Tight-fitting t-shirt 

Since the pants are loose, joggers will look best if worn with tight t-shirts. Most joggers are elasticated at the waist and have a drawstring attached. So stick to tops that are at least waist-length. You can finish the outfit with some pretty hair accessories that match the top. This look is suitable for going out for lunch. 

Best top to wear with joggers in the winter.

You can get joggers in various fabrics and patterns. In the winter, denim and cargo joggers make the most comfortable and functional pants. With even high-end fashion brands harping on the jogger's trend, there will be no question of looking shabby or dressed down. Here’s how to style joggers for the winter. 

Joggers and Hoodies 

The relaxed look of the pants matches perfectly with the relaxed look of hoodies. This is the easiest outfit to throw together as there is no need to accessorize. Cargo joggers are usually neutral shades of brown and tan. So try to pair it with earth tones or dark-shaded tops. This will give you the most cohesive outfit. Since cargo joggers are on the thicker side, they will help to keep you warm. 


Yes, you can even pair jogger pants with blazers. Try to ensure the jacket and pants are in the same color. Then, you can add a solid top in a contrasting color. Minimally accessorize this outfit with a small necklace or some bangles. You can wear this outfit to formal meetings. 

Casual Jackets 

If you want to elevate the casual look of joggers for a day-out look, then layering is the way to go. First, wear a simple t-shirt or top. Try to pick a solid top. Then, add a solid denim or leather jacket. This will be an amazing party outfit that will turn heads. A black jacket will look good with almost any colored jogger pants. Add a dainty necklace and some hair accessories to finish the look. 

White button-down 

Nothing looks more classy than a white blouse. White shirts look best when paired with dark-colored pants. Formal joggers are usually cut-off at the ankles. So you can finish the outfit with a pair of high-heels. This makes for the perfect luncheon outfit. 

As comfortable as they are, joggers are extremely versatile. Though they look casual, the correct pair of joggers can be worn for almost any occasion.  


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