10 Best Fashionable Summer Accessories For Kids

With seasonal fashion now being a part of the household lexicon, parents look for trendy summer wears offering total comfort to their children in the heat and humidity. Summer camps, long vacations and other fun outdoor activities expose the kids to the extremities of the weather. So curating the closet for your child warrants a comprehensive understanding of your best options. 

In this blog, you get an in-depth look at the 10 best fashionable summer accessories for kids. From groovy sunglasses to elegant waterproof shoes and skin-sensitive clothes, there is an array of options to ensure the summertime vibes never stop! So this season, look out for-


Trendy sunglasses protect your child from the harmful effects of sun rays while making them look adorable. Children love different colours and shades, so there are a wide variety of goggles on the market. You can also dress them up with matching attires and glasses for an added flare too. 

Children’s eyes can also get affected by the sun's ultraviolet rays, just like their skin. So when you're buying a new pair for your child, opt for products which offer complete protection from UVA and UVB radiation.

Waterproof Shoes

Kids love to play with water. Whether toying with the backyard hose or jumping onto puddles, the youngsters are full of energy all around the clock. So, waterproof shoes come in handy this season. 

Excessive exposure to water may lead to shoes getting prematurely worn out. Waterproof footwear, on the other hand, comes with guaranteed longevity. Spending time in wet shoes also increases the risk of your kid catching a cold. Damp-proof shoes ensure there isn't any growth of bacteria or fungus inside the footgear.

Moreover, the sensitive skin of children is prone to developing blisters as they get softer when wet. Waterproof shoes are reliable in preventing such complications.

Cotton wears

Cotton fabric has a high water-absorbing ability. In the summer seasons, dressing your child up in loose-fitting and stylised cotton dresses is beneficial for their health. Cotton allows more air circulation, so these dresses are able to absorb and expel sweat effectively faster. As a result, the body temperature of your child remains normal. The breathable nature of cotton wear ensures there is no risk of getting sunburns.

Not only that, cotton clothing is effective in offering resistance to several microbes. The immune system of a child is more vulnerable than an average adult, so they are way more susceptible to bacterial diseases in the warmer months. Studies have shown that surface-modified cotton clothing is able to provide 98% antimicrobial activity against the E.coli bacteria, which is very common in summer.

Illustrated Sunhats 

Sunhats are known for their extended brims. The wider it is, the more area of the child's face it can protect. In addition, these hats work as a natural barrier against UV rays. So it's best to buy a sunhat with a non-uniform shaped brim. Further, these bucket hats and lampshade toppers can add a vintage look to the youngster's appearance when the family hits the beach next time. 

Printed Knotted Hairbands

Novelty printed hairbands can provide an added twist to your child's summer fashion game. Limited seam and maximum stretch of these products offer your kid total comfort during the warmer weather. Further, with novelty prints, the hairbands become a personalised and unique memory for the little one.

Rash Guards Swimwear

Family time at the poolside is a constant staple of the summer activities. Enjoy your outing without worrying about your child's skincare with rash guard swimwear. These are made with polyamide and elastane to make certain that there are no allergies or rashes on the baby's skin from abrasion. Long sleeve variants are also able to protect them from UV rays. The chic prints are also guaranteed to delight your young one.

These outfits are usually made with spandex, nylon or polyester. The rash guards are specifically made using flatlock stitching and multi-panel construction. This sun-protective clothing ensures no chafing on your kid's body, and makes certain of good hygiene practices. 

Sling Bags

This sunny season, you can surprise your kids by gifting them a trendy sling bag. These products have strong and adjustable shoulder straps so that the youngsters can carry them wherever they want. Made with durable fabric material, the bags can contain the toys or storybooks that your children love the most. These spacious bags are also lightweight so that they can carry them easily.


Stylish overalls are a delightful touch to your child's summer vibes. The dungarees have dominated the market as one of the recent times' most beloved nostalgic trends. This stylish attire is also comfortable for the young ones during the hot weather. The bib-and-brace look has continued to be a prominent aspect of the current fashion discourse. Moreover, these cute attires are easy to machine-wash, so there is no added stress for the parents also!

Printed Shorts

Voguish shorts are likely to be the most common outfit for everyone in the summer. Dressing your kid in fashionable and comfortable shorts is a sure-fire way to help them stay cool in the rising temperature. Colourful printed or denim shorts will become the youngster's new favourite. 

Moreover, these products are low-maintenance in nature, so you don't have to worry when the kids play in the dirt or sand. Shorts need occasional washing or drying. This is because there are no unique cleaning methods that you need to follow. Furthermore, you can remove wrinkles by using a steam iron.

Misting Fans

When the mercury peaks, outdoor adventures also go upswing. The long lines outside theme parks or joyrides may be a taxing experience for the young ones. So you may opt for a misting fan for such an occasion. These portable devices are small enough to carry in the pocket and a sustainable fashion choice that benefits your kid's health. 

These mini fans are generally battery or USB powered, providing a cooling and calming experience to the kids when they're outdoor. In addition, the manufacturers engineer these products to sustain their charge for hours when used. So the next time you are packing your bags for a summer trip, you can add this little lifesaver to your backpack!

Other Fashionable Summer Accessories For Kids

The new-age parents are more invested in the day-to-day activity of their children than the previous generation. So it is natural for you to look through all the cosy apparel choices for your kids in summer. 

Some of the exciting picks you can opt for your little one include-

  • Child-Friendly Sunscreens
  • 5-Panel Caps
  • Bows and Headwraps
  • Muslin Bonnet
  • Knit Baby Bloomers
  • Digital And Analogue Watches
  • Hairpins And Clips
  • Hair Ties
  • Swim Goggles
  • Beach Towels
  • Onesie
  • Bandanas and more!

Things To Consider

Kids' fashion is a delicate subject to deal with. So, when you are picking out the accessories for your child's summer activities, please remember that-

  • Putting the baby's comfort over style is the priority.
  • Try to get as many colourful products as possible.
  • Children grow up fast. So, maybe buy a dress one size larger than the one they wear now.
  • Select the clothes that better suit your kids' personalities. Then, let them decide if they do or do not want to wear something after all.
  • Children are hyperactive. So it's best to not invest in dry-clean only products for them.
  • Experiment with contrasting patterns and prints.
  • Integrate diverse fashionable summer accessories for kids in their looks for everyday activities.


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