Dress Your Kids Beautifully On Their Birthday

A birthday is a special day no matter how old you are. And if the birthday falls on a weekday, it’s even more special because kids get to wear colour-dress to school! Want to know how to dress your kids beautifully on their birthday?

Most people pull all the stops for birthday dresses. Dress your kids in clothes that are both unique and comfortable. Try new styles and colours to dress them beautifully. 

Read on to get creative ideas on dressing your kids for their birthday. 

How to Dress Your Kids Traditionally For Their Birthday

Some parents like to go the traditional route for birthday outfits. Indian traditional wear includes outfits like a Pattu Pavadai, Veshti, or Sherwani. These clothes are available in silk, silk cotton, cotton, or chiffon fabrics. So if you’re sending your kids to school in these clothes, make sure they’ll be comfortable for the whole day. 

For Girls

Indian traditional wear usually includes a ton of accessories. You can include accessories like bangles and a bindi if you’re dressing your daughter in a traditional salwar or skirt set. This will make the outfit look complete and enhance the look. Make sure whatever clothes they’re wearing have a cotton lining on the inside. This will help to protect them from overheating and being uncomfortable. Open-toed sandals look good for this type of outfit. 

Don’t be afraid to choose unique colour combinations for a traditional look. You can also find different styles of Kurti’s and salwar to make the look more unique. If the outfit comes with a dupatta, pin it on your child’s outfit. Other salwar styles include shararas or Anarkali’s. So it’s a good option if you want your child to look out of the box. 

For Boys

For boys, traditional wear is usually a kurta or dhoti set. When dressing your son in a dhoti, ensure the waist knot is secure. It is also a good idea to have them wear shorts or pants inside the dhoti. For this look, a brightly coloured shirt will look the best. You can get both dhotis and shirts in cotton or other natural fabrics. This will ensure they don’t sweat the whole day. 

A semi-traditional outfit idea for boys is to dress them in an Indian kurta top with jeans. This is a trendy look that is also comfortable to wear for the whole day. You can put them in sandals or sneakers for this look. You can find kurtas in a variety of fabrics and styles. Make sure you give your kid the opportunity to choose their clothes. 

How to Dress Your Kids In Western Style For Their Birthday

Many parents like to dress their kids in western styles for their birthday. Western clothes are usually more comfortable and can be worn more often than traditional clothes. So the usability increases. There are also a lot more western clothing styles available. So it’s easier to pick a unique outfit if you’re going for a western look. 

For Girls 

There is no shortage of western styles for girls. If you want to dress them in a fancy or semi-formal way, you can put them in a gown or jumpsuit. These styles are pretty unique and work perfectly for a birthday outfit. You can get western gowns in various lengths and cuts. The little black dress (LBD) is one of the most popular wardrobe staples. Fit-and-flare dresses also look very cute.  You can get full-length or short dresses. Pick the length that your child is comfortable in. You can style it with a denim jacket or overcoat on top for a jumpsuit. Then, you can finish the look with long boots or sneakers. 

You can also style jeans under a t-shirt and a jacket for a casual look. This will give you a more laid-back style that your kid will be more comfortable in. You can also style jeans with a peplum top or a long top. These outfits are much more practical and comfortable to wear for long. 

For Boys 

If you want to dress your son in a formal western outfit, a 3-piece suit is good. This outfit consists of a blazer, pants, and a shirt. The whole look will look best if you put your son in semi-formal close-toes shoes. If you don’t want them to look too formal, a waistcoat with jeans is a better option. You can get cotton or silk-cotton waistcoats. Put the waistcoat over a full-sleeve shirt. Then, if you want to maintain a formal look, go for cargo pants. If not, jeans will also look good for this outfit. Finish the look with sneakers for a classy look. 

Formal pants and a shirt with suspenders are a unique option. Suspenders have lost popularity recently, so you won’t see many people wearing them. So you should dress your son in suspenders. 

But formal wear isn’t the only option. There are a lot of casual looks you can style your son in. The first is regular jeans and t-shirt look. Henley’s t-shirts are good options that are comfortable and look good. You can also style the jeans with a short-sleeved t-shirt and an open-button shirt. You can also replace the open-button shirt with a denim jacket. This is a trendy outfit for boys. It exudes style while also being comfortable. Shoes are one of the most significant accessories for boys. So don’t forget to style your son is suitable sneakers or sandals. 

How to Dress Your Kids According To A Theme

The most recent trend is having a themed birthday party for young children. This includes having themed decor, music, and food. But one of the most important aspects is that the birthday baby is dressed according to the theme. There are various ways to go about dressing for a theme. 


You can control a DIY outfit. This is a good way to ensure your child will be comfortable at the party. For example, let’s take wildlife to be the theme. You can find t-shirts with animals on them that match the theme of this look. Another option is to dress your child like they’re the safari leader. This would include khaki shorts and a t-shirt. You can also add binoculars or a safari hat as accessories. A DIY outfit doesn’t have to be over-the-top. That’s one of the best parts. You can dress as simple or extravagant as you want. 

What to Consider Before Buying Birthday Outfits 


This is the first requirement for any outfit you dress your child in. They should be comfortable in their clothes. This means the outfit should be breathable, fit properly, and allow a range of movement. One way to ensure your child will like their outfit is to have them pick for themselves. If you’re sending your children to school in their birthday outfits, ensure it is breathable. If not, send them with an extra set of clothing. 


Many parents buy birthday outfits for aesthetic appeal. But what’s the point in buying clothes if they can only wear them once or twice. Pick birthday clothes that you’ll dress your children in often. Practical outfits are also naturally more comfortable to wear. And by buying wearable outfits, you also won’t be wasting money on one-use items.


There is no better time to experiment with different styles than when you’re young. And a birthday is the perfect excuse to buy different styles of clothing. Style your kids in unique clothes that aren’t a typical part of their wardrobe. If your kid usually wears only western outfits, pick a traditional look for their birthday. Have fun with the outfit styling. 

Every parent dreams of dressing their child in the most stylish outfits for their birthdays. One important rule is to ensure the child’s comfort. And also, take creative liberty with the styling. That is the best way to achieve a unique birthday look. 


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