Styling Your Kids - The Do's And Don'ts

There are so many cute clothes you could dress them in. But many aren’t comfortable, and many don’t look good on them. So how do you style your kids?

The primary concern is that they are comfortable. Dress them in clothes and colours they want to wear. Always ensure your child is comfortable before going out the door. Another criterion is that they wear weather-appropriate clothing. Many children don’t communicate if they’re feeling too hot or cold. Carry back-ups wherever you go. 

If you want to become a kid’s styling expert, read on. 

Styling Tips For Dressing Your Children - The Do’s

Buy and Dress Children in Clothes They Like

Whether you like it or not, it’s important that your children like their clothes. That’s the only way your children will be comfortable with what they’re wearing. Giving them a choice establishes the fact that you are valuing their decision. This will harbour an excellent parent-child relationship in the future. 

Further, if your children don’t enjoy the clothes they’re wearing, the odds are that they will be in a sour mood. This will affect everyone’s day. If your kid is over 2.5-3 years, allow them to pick their outfit. If you want a bit more control over their 

Prioritise Comfort 

Children have soft skin that’s highly irritable. Many parents enjoy dressing their kids in poofy or scratchy dresses because it looks good. But they don’t realise that this is highly uncomfortable for the child. Think about how you would feel wearing the big, scratchy frock. If you feel uncomfortable, then chances are your child will as well. 

Always buy soft fabrics that are gentle on the skin. And before you dress your child, look for any tags or labels that could irritate them. Be sure to cut the label out. This will eliminate any chance of discomfort. 

Go For A Minimal Style

Children enjoy running around and having a fun time. If they’re wearing heavy clothing, their fun could be hampered. Unless your child specifically requests it or the weather requires it, avoid dressing your kid in multiple layers. If the weather is slightly cold, then opt for a full-sleeved t-shirt. And before your child leaves the house, have them jump or stretch in their outfit. The outfit is good if they’re comfortable accomplishing a range of motion. 

Getting The Sizing Right

Choosing the right size for children’s clothes is always confusing. If you buy them the right size, they’ll grow out of the outfit in 1 month. If you size up, then it seems like the outfit is always loose. If you’re buying pants, look for ones with an elasticated waistband. These will stretch to accommodate growing children. You can also opt for knit-wear or stretchy t-shirts.

If possible, always have your children try the clothes before buying them. Shop from reputed brands with trustworthy sizing charts if you’re shopping online. Some clothes, like function wear or traditional clothes, must fit right. So when buying traditional Indian clothes, look for expandable options. 

Dress For The Weather 

Children often won’t come and tell you if they’re feeling too cold or too warm, especially if they’re in the middle of a very interesting game with their friends. So it's your responsibility to ensure your children are protected from the weather. If your kid is going for a play date, dress them in layers. This way, you can remove the outer layer if they get too hot or keep it on if it’s cold. 

Choose An Inexpensive Style 

Children grow out of their clothing in a blink. So it’s not a good decision to buy expensive clothing for your children. If your child grows through a growth spurt, then start buying very inexpensive styles. You can also make “oversized” a fashion statement and get them big clothes that will fit better once they grow. 

Since small kids aren’t very careful about taking care of their clothing, children’s clothes often rip or get stains. This is another reason you shouldn’t invest too much in children’s clothing. Choose darker shades that do not show stains easily. 

Skip The Accessories

If you’re going to an Indian function, you might be compelled to go overboard with the accessories. But most earrings and necklaces are uncomfortable, even for adults. So just think about how your kid will feel in it. Another issue is that kids don’t know how to care for precious jewels. So they may end up breaking or losing it. If you’re putting them in accessories, go for fabric beads or something that may not irritate them. 

Experiment Different Styles 

There is no better time to experiment than when you’re young. Once you get older, you may not feel bold enough to try new clothing styles. But kids don’t have this inhibition. So try all your experimentation desires on them, granted they’re okay with it. Clothing is a way to express oneself, so trying new styles is a good idea. 

Jumpsuits and dungarees are some trendy children’s clothing items. Athleisure is another trendy area of clothing. Neutral shades and pastels have been trending colours recently. So explore these news styles to give your kids a myriad of options. Your children may also get bored sticking to a single style. 

Styling Tips For Dressing Your Children - The Dont’s

The Wrong Material 

The outfit's fabric decides how soft or harsh the clothing is on the skin. Materials like polyester, nylon and laminated cotton don’t allow the skin to breathe. This means the body's sweat will have no way to evaporate. This might lead to rashes and irritated skin conditions. Always touch the material before buying clothes. 

Cotton, linen, and other natural fabrics are soft and breathable. When possible, always choose natural fabrics. If you’re dressing your kid for an occasion, then forgoing net fabric or lace may not be an option. Even here, try to look for the softest material. Run your hand through the inside of the garment. This will help you identify any poking tassels or beads. 

Dress Them Too Tight 

Tight clothing impedes blood circulation, especially if worn for a longer time. So never dress your children in tight clothing. It’s alright if you go one size too big, but never buy a smaller size. Tight clothing also has a higher probability of ripping. Check the armhole and waistband. If the clothes don’t fit correctly, it could dig into your child’s skin. If you feel a dress is too tight, check if there are ways to expand the hem. If not, then it’s time to donate it.


Some parents are very enthusiastic about dressing their kids in cute outfits. And in enthusiasm, they buy too many clothes. The issue here is that children may outgrow these clothes very quickly. If you’re trying out a new style, then buy one garment. Allow your child to wear it and see if they like it. If they’re comfortable wearing the new style, you can shop for more pieces. But don’t go overboard with the shopping spree. 

Things To Consider Before Dressing Your Kids

Here are the parameters you need to think about before dressing your children. 

The Occasion

Are your kids going to a birthday party? Then smart-casuals will be the best look. Are they going to a rollerskating class? Then cargo shorts or joggers may be the better option. Always think about the occasion for which you’re dressing your children. This will allow you to come up with suitable styles. Knowing the occasion will also help you plan the day better. You may need to take an extra set of clothing or an extra layer. 

The Location & Weather

Will they be outdoors or indoors? Knowing this will tell you the clothes to style your children in. The location will also give you an insight into the weather you’ll be facing. If you’re going to an amusement park, you’ll know that you need waterproof clothing and an extra set of clothes. 

Dressing children is fun because you can play around with colours and styles. Just always keep their comfort in mind. 


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