How To Style Kids Treggings?

As new waves of alternative fashion take over the high-street apparel brand market, treggings has become a buzzword of the discussion. An intriguing fusion of leggings and trousers, this clothing design has swiftly become a common choice for kids and adults alike.

So, if the tiny fashion icons back at your home prefer to sport trendy leggings, team up with them to create happening style statements. In this blog, you will get a thorough guide on how to style kids treggings. The sure-shot way to success is pairing the apparel with- 

  • Crop Tees
  • Ankle Boots
  • Denim Jackets
  • Tunic Sweaters, etc.

When picking up the dresses, please make sure that your kids actually feel comfortable in them. Their personality and fashion sense may differ from yours, so emphasise prioritising their own decisions. As kids love different colours and textures, opt for vibrant apparel to mix and match your children's treggings. You can also get trendy accessories like sunglasses, wristwatches or bandanas as the kids are guaranteed to love their outfits! 

10 Ways How To Style Kids Treggings 

Whether they are off to school or spend the summer at grandma's house, the youngsters love participating in numerous activities. Treggings come in handy in this respect, as these athleisure wears can keep them cosy in any environment. So why not adopt these choices mentioned below to create an elegant look for your tiny ones-

Crop Tees

One of the most preferred unisex dressing choices, crop tees can be an exciting pair with your kid's treggings. This apparel's sleek and structured look can blend well with the printed and textured getup of a crop tee. If your child prefers to wear floral headbands or printed bows, then these accessories are a great match with this outfit. The young ones can also sport a pair of sneakers and sandals to turn the style statement up a notch. 

Moreover, the cosiness of this outfit will ensure that there is no obstruction in movement during the outdoor fun time for the young ones. Or, if they are a bookworm enjoying the mild breeze indoors with a Christie novel, the crop tee-leggings combination will make them feel at home. 

Ankle Boots

Designer footwear is a sure-fire way to add a touch of grace to a new outlook. So, when you and your little ones brainstorm about new voguish combinations, why not try ankle boots and treggings for their next outing?

These fashion boots have dominated the market since the 19th Century and remain a top choice of customers even today. These boots have become trendsetters in footwear choices, moving away from the traditional notion of serving only functional needs. Paired with their treggings, this footgear can offer a smart-casual or a semi-formal alternative for the young fashionistas of your household. So, whether they are attending summer school or off to the theme park ride with their friends, this is an excellent option for them to go with!

Denim Jackets

The quirky prints and vibrant colours of treggings have a default youthful vibe, making them an easy choice when designing your kid's wardrobe. So, dress your young ones up with a cool denim jacket with this bottom wear during the chilly weather. The elevated casual look of a button-down jacket and a pair of treggings is an experiment destined to succeed!

Moreover, denim jackets are a great choice when trying out layering for your kids' clothing. You can also opt for sports shoes as a footwear alternative for them to sport with the jacket and treggings combo. 

Tunic Sweaters

Regarding the winter season, treggings is also suitable for sweater weather. Pairing a tunic sweater and a pair of treggings is a tried and tested look that makes your kids stand apart from the crowd. The playful patterns and warm cuddly feeling of a tunic sweater are beloved by kids. Moreover, these products are made of soft fabric, so rest assured of no skin allergies for your young ones. 

So, now you know how to dress your youngsters up before heading off to the Thanksgiving family dinner. Or you can surprise them with these tunic sweaters this holiday season, as they will surely enjoy sporting these new fusionist outfits at the Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas party.  

Crew Neck T-Shirt

Alternatively, collar free round-neck t-shirts are a popular apparel choice during the warmer months. You can put together a cotton crew-neck t-shirt with treggings to make sure your little ones feel comfortable even as the mercury rises. 

Cotton wears are a dependable choice during summer because of its moisture absorbent quality. Moreover, these garments' breathable and non-clingy nature ensures that your young ones are not adversely affected by excessive perspiration. So, matching these cotton wears with comfortable treggings will give your kid a relaxed and liberating feeling in humid conditions.  

A-Line Dresses

A-line dresses made for kids have cotton rayon components to keep their body heat under control during summertime. So, if your youngsters have a friend's birthday party to attend, this garment is a reliable stylistic choice to elevate the treggings look. Also made with nylon and net layers, these cute fit-and-flare dresses are guaranteed to make your kids look precious when worn with their treggings.

Combining an A-line dress and a treggings also lets you try out different mixing-and-matching options. A well-tailored dress has a touch of sophistication, so pairing them up with the laid-back vibe of a treggings is a natural out-of-the-box fashion choice. 

Henley T-Shirts

These collarless pullover shirts are preferred by many as a dependable alternative to traditional polo shirts. The plackets and buttons of this round neckline attire offer it an added bit of flair. Naturally, they are a splendid choice to match your kid's treggings! The young ones can also wear sneakers and designer wristwatches with these short sleeve shirts to create a unique look.

Tie-Hem Tee

You can stylise your children's treggings with tie-hem tees for an easy-going and friendly look. These soft short sleeve garments are an excellent choice for outdoor activities. Moreover, as marled knit t-shirts are extremely popular now, twinning them with solid print treggings can be a great option! 


Young minds love dresses that incorporate an element of fun in them. So, they are going to adore a sweatshirt-on-treggings look. A complete athleisure oriented getup is also emblematic of youthfulness, hence it is guaranteed to become your kid's favourite fast. 

Moreover, the sporty element in this fusion works in tandem with the highly energetic vibe of young children. You can encourage them to try on sports shoes to complete the outgoing impression with this outfit. Further, if they are carrying their backpacks on the way to school with this outfit, your precious ones will be adorable!

You can also opt for several other options to stylise your children's treggings, such as-

  • Long Coats
  • Blazers
  • Hoodie
  • Turtleneck
  • Bomber Jackets
  • Shirts
  • So, now you have an all-inclusive guide on how to style kids treggings. Have a conversation with your little one before you click to order the long coat you like. Or, take your kids with you to the nearest shopping mall before opting for that jacket you find great. Moreover, buy clothes one size larger, because you know the best how fast they grow up! 


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