What Are Henley T-Shirts? When And Where To Wear It?

If you go shopping, you would’ve probably seen racks of t-shirts called Henley shirts. They look similar to t-shirts, but why are they different? Do you know what Henley t-shirts are?

Henley t-shirts are polo shirts without collars. They are a popular casual top-wear that comes in a variety of styles. 

What makes a t-shirt Henley-style?

Henley t-shirts were traditionally rowing uniforms worn by a team from Henley-on-Thames. This town’s name eventually became the name for one of the most common t-shirts. 

For a t-shirt to be considered Henley-style, it needs to be collarless. It usually has a round neckline, but it may also have a v-neck pattern. An essential requirement for a henley t-shirt is a placket with buttons. Usually, there are anywhere between 3-5 buttons on the top half of the t-shirt. 

Henley t-shirts can be full-sleeved or half-sleeved. But predominantly, you can get them as full-sleeved shirts. Some Henley shirts are pocketed over the breast, but most don’t have a pocket. Henley t-shirts come in a variety of designs and styles. Most are solid in color and have no prints on them. But you can also get them in Baseball-T style or even in prints like camo. 

Another unique element about Henley shirts is that they are often textured. You can get them in cool patterns like ribbed or waffled fabrics. This helps add a textural element to your closet. The texture is also an excellent element to have if you’re planning on layering your outfit. 

When you’re buying a Henley shirt, make sure to feel the fabric. Today, you can get it in a variety of fabrics. But the common factor is that your t-shirt should be soft to touch. Make sure the fabric doesn’t feel too thin or flimsy. On the contrary, it shouldn’t be thick or stiff either. Henley t-shirts are never made with silk or silky fabric. So your t-shirt shouldn’t have a silky smooth finish. 

What weather conditions are Henley t-shirts suitable for?

Henley shirts are usually made of cotton jersey or cotton-polyester blends. They are very thin t-shirts that are usually very soft. If your shirt is half-sleeved, it is best to wear it in warm climates. Cotton, being absorbent, helps to prevent sweat. So you can also wear Henley shirts while engaged in sports or other movement-intensive activities. 

But Henley’s are usually used as a base layer to wear in colder temperatures. Many Henley shirts have a waffled texture. This helps to protect you from cold weather. Long-sleeved Henley shirts are perfect to wear in windy or slightly cool temperatures. They add an element of style to your wardrobe as well. Henley t-shirts also come in thermal fabrics. The fabric is designed to retain heat. So you can wear Henley shirts in both warm and cool climates depending on the type of fabric it’s made from. 

Wool is another popular fabric with which Henley t-shirts are made. Woolen Henleys are the best to wear on a very cold day. You can wear it under a winter jacket and be very comfortable throughout the day.

Wool is another absorbent fabric. So even if you end up sweating under all your layers, the fabric will absorb the excess moisture keeping you comfortable. Wool is also an excellent fabric to wear in the summer because it is breathable and UV-resistant. So you can multi-purpose your woolen Henley shirt. 

Is there an appropriate age group to wear Henley t-shirts?

The short answer is No. You don’t have to be within a particular age group to don the comfortable Henley shirt. But, some guidelines will help you select the best Henley t-shirt for your age. Because Henley t-shirts are a recent addition to the Indian fashion scene, you will mostly see people within the 10-30 age range wearing them. This is because they are more likely to experiment with their clothing. 

But, the Henley is a very versatile piece of clothing. Though there isn’t any age limit for any type of clothing, there is a consensus that some styles look best for some people. Going by this rule, if you’re over the age of 40, we recommend you not choose printed Henley t-shirts. The prints are usually camo, striped, or have small motifs. The younger crowd usually wears these prints. But there is a huge range of solid Henley shirts that you can choose from. 

If you’re within the 10-30 age range, then the sky is your limit. All Henley t-shirts are made for and marketed for this age range. You can easily layer a Henley under a denim jacket for a street-casual look. But it is also very easy to dress up a Henley t-shirt. All you need is an appropriate pair of dress pants. You can even add a blazer on top of a Henley t-shirt for a business-casual look. But all these styles are more suitable for the younger crowd. 

Though most Henley shirts are made for men, they can be worn by women. It is comfortable, unisex top wear. For women, it is popularly worn as a business casual outfit. You can tuck the Henleys into dress pants or a formal skirt. You can achieve a very formal look with this outfit but be comfortable throughout the day. Henley shirts can also be worn as a casual t-shirt over jeans or even joggers. They are very versatile in the way you can style them.  

What occasion can you wear Henley t-shirts for?

Henley t-shirts are very versatile, can be styled in different ways, and are popular in India. But if you change the way you style Henleys, you can even wear it as a business-casual outfit. 

Henleys are essential if you’re planning on layering your outfit. You can wear it over a pair of jeans and a casual blazer. This will give you a comfortable party-wear look. But if instead of the jeans, you wear chinos or dress pants, you can even wear them to formal settings like the office or meetings. Both full-sleeved and half-sleeved t-shirts work well for these occasions. But if you’re wearing it to a formal setting, try not to choose a patterned t-shirt. Pick a solid-colored Henley instead. 

Where can I get the original Henley t-shirts? 

Henley t-shirts have become extremely popular in India. They are a wardrobe essential for college-going people. Because of this, almost every clothing store, big or small, usually carries Henley shirts. But if you’re looking for authentic Henleys for young boys, then ByTheWay Label is the best place to go.

They carry Henley shirts in many colors for children aged 5-14. These Henleys are made of cotton fabric and are extremely comfortable. The short-sleeved t-shirts are suitable for casual wear outfits. You can pair them with joggers or shorts. It can also be used as a day-out outfit when paired with jeans. 


Ultimate Kids Guide To Wearing Shorts

As a parent, you have the heavy-duty job of deciding on the best outfits for your young ones. Kids are hyperactive individuals. So, they need to be dressed in clothes that do not present obstacles to their movements. Many parents choose to opt for shorts as a primary wardrobe choice for their children. 

The cosy, breathable nature of shorts ensures that your kids feel at ease while visiting a park or accompanying you to a beach picnic. If you are wondering what are the aspects you should keep an eye out for while selecting the attire, this blog is for you. Your ultimate kids guide to wearing shorts should have some vital prospects in consideration, like-

  • Materials used to produce the shorts
  • Opt for elastic clothing for kids
  • Pick out diverse colours, textures and styles
  • Your budget range for your kid's clothing

  • So here, you will get an in-depth discussion to help you make the best judgement regarding your children's outfits. Shorts are a comfortable alternative and are easy to take care of. For example, denim shorts are manufactured from cotton fabrics, making them wrinkle resistant and easy to wash. Moreover, these products don't get stained quickly and are eco-friendly garments. All of these elements essentially make it an excellent choice for the little fashion icons back at your home!

    Ultimate Kids Guide To Wearing Shorts – 10 Things To Consider

    As the little ones head out for their summer camps or weekly football matches, outline their wardrobe with stylish shorts that are in vogue! As briefly discussed above, some of the crucial elements you need to keep in mind are-

    Materials Used To Produce The Shorts

    Children have sensitive skin, so you must choose attires that do not cause any irritation. Cotton shorts are a safe choice to go with in this regard. These snuggly outfits also come in handy in their outdoor activities during the summer heat. In addition, cotton is a non-clingy textile material, so these shorts offer enough air circulation to help against excessive sweating. 

    Cotton twill fabric, chambray and seersucker are the most commonly used materials to design shorts for kids. Cotton wear, notably, has antimicrobial elements which are largely effective against viruses like E. coli and S. aureus. 

    Opt For Elastic Clothing

    It is always a safe bet to go for elastic shorts for your child. These products are heat resistant, so you can rest assured of the comfort level of your young ones. Moreover, if you have preschoolers at home, elastic wears help teach them how to get dressed up. Kids are curious and want to try things out themselves at this tender age. Elastic wears are easy to put on for the little ones, and there is no scope of a safety hazard like those with zippers or snaps. 

    Moreover, these products are equally able to stretch and resume their original shape, so you have no major concern regarding their durability. Elastics designed explicitly for baby clothing also have a smaller width. So it is easy to sew it inside a fabric, preventing direct contact with the delicate skin of a child. 

    Furthermore, Fold-Over Elastic or FOE is also used to design baby clothing products to give them a stylistic and decorative touch. 

    Pick Out Diverse Colours, Textures And Styles

    Kids respond more to visual stimuli. So, colours and shades significantly impact a child's psyche. This diversity bolsters their sense of wonder and creativity. So, when picking up new shorts for your little one, ensure that you are going for a heterogeneous wardrobe choice. It is better to opt for soft and pastel coloured products instead of neon ones.

    Similarly, experiment with prints and styling choices for the shorts you are buying. For example, children love animations and comic books, so you can buy customised clothing products with those motifs. Likewise, if the latest trip to the zoo has made them curious about the wildlife creatures, dress them up in shorts with animal and bird prints. 

    Furthermore, sensory inputs are also vital for the proper brain development of your kids. So it is best to introduce different textures and patterns to them via their clothing options. The diverse product range can keep the young minds engaged and entertained. 

    As they are at a tender age of exploring and discovering new things, kids enjoy such stylised garments' visual and tactile effects. These also offer them a concept of aesthetic experience, further effectively broadening their horizons.    

    Your Budget Range For Your Kid's Clothing

    It would help if you had a basic blueprint of how you want to spend your money before walking into your local shopping mall to pick up new attire for the little one. For example, when picking up a new pair of shorts or a t-shirt for your child, it is best to not opt for the cheap ones. This is because manufacturers may use low-cost materials for them, which can adversely affect your child's health.

    Alternatively, it is also not a good option to get high-priced garments for your children. A playful evening at the park can result in depleted and weathered clothes. So it may turn out to be a bad investment. Furthermore, kids can outgrow the clothes in the blink of an eye. Or they might not just like a dress anymore. It is essential that you keep these variables in mind.

    So, an informed investment will be going for cost-effective clothes which also have functionality. There are a number of reliable retailers who specifically design child-friendly clothes in an affordable price range. Simple, comfortable and durable shorts are a great option in this regard. 

    Moreover, opting for standard quality products makes sure that they are suitable for the environment. Furthermore, it is better not to go on a shopping splurge when choosing dresses for your kids. Instead, opt for the essential ones. After all, it is your parenting instinct – and of course, you know the best!

    Your Kid's Age

    When you are buying new shorts for the little ones, keep their age group into consideration. If they are going through a growth spurt, it is better to opt for a product one size larger than what they usually wear.

    Likewise, very young children can be susceptible to baby acne and several allergies. So the clothes they wear play a massive role in keeping them safe. For example, you must avoid buying shorts which may contain harmful and toxic substances in their fabrics. Products made with natural materials are a sure way to ensure that your kids remain cosy and healthy, be it indoors or outdoors. 

    Cotton products are an excellent example in this regard. A loose-fitting skin-friendly short made of this fabric can absorb and expel moisture when the kids are playing out in the sun. This way, they are protected from overexposure to heat; and excessive sweating will not lead to them catching a cold. 

    It is also crucial that you buy a short that is safe to use for your kid. For example, a garment with a deep pocket can make a baby trip. Moreover, shorts with buttons, drawstrings and decorative accessories can pose a choking and strangulation hazard. So, definitely strike out these kinds of attires from your shopping list before hitting the marketplace. As you know more than anyone else, your kid's safety comes before everything. 

    Height And Weight Of Your Kid

    Make sure you get shorts for your little one, considering the height and weight. Also, the size labelling varies from company to company, so refer to the size chart of specific companies to understand which attire would be the best option.

    Return Policy Of The Retailers

    It becomes a bit tricky when you are shopping online. Despite your best efforts, there are ample scopes of mistakes. Moreover, when you are ordering a product from an e-commerce brand, you do not have the luxury of checking the specific product yourself before it arrives. 

    So when you get a new short for your kid, read the fine prints of the return policies before confirming your order. The attire you receive can be damaged or of a different colour and size than what you ordered. Make sure you have a proper time window to ask for a refund from your retailers. In other cases, a company might also offer replacement services. Opt for the procedure better suited to your daily routine. 

    Places Your Kids Spend Most Of Their Time

    Based on their schedule, the dress code for kids inadvertently changes. So, it would help if you start shopping accordingly. If your child spends ample time in an effectively cold environment, naturally, opting for a short will not be a good alternative. 

    On the other hand, if they are outgoing spirits who spend their time playing in mud, dirt and sand, shorts are the perfect choices. Cotton shorts, for example, needs no special care techniques, so there is zero added stress for you. 

    Or, if they are heading off to a summer camp soon, update their closets with shorts that you can mix and match to create unique styles. Bring out your inner fashionistas so that your young ones stand apart from the crowd!

    Personality Of Your Child

    Millennial parents rightly have laid great emphasis on their children's individuality. As they are slowly starting to understand the world around them, kids are also coming to terms with their own growing personalities. So, buy shorts or other clothing products that complement their uniqueness. 

    Catering to their preferences offers the little ones a sense of independence and well-earned value. Moreover, as they start to grow into their personalised fashion statements, the cultural development of your children is aided significantly.

    Whether The Kids Like The Attire Themselves

    The kids should get to decide which product they are actually comfortable sporting. You and your kids might have different fashion senses. Their young age should not be a factor in negating their valid opinions. 

    So before you buy a new pair of shorts, let your young ones deliver their final words! Ensure they love the colour, patterns or textures of the garments you think are best for them. Do not enforce your own choices onto your babies. So if you are going to shop or using a company website, it is best to have the little minds by your side when you pick out a short for them!

    So here you go! Now you have a comprehensive and the ultimate kids guide to wearing shorts. Have fun indulging in a shopping spree alongside the tiny members of your family. You can also consider picking up some stylish accessories for these little fashionistas. Or maybe try out twinning with your kid by picking up a matching outfit! The choice is yours!


    Joggers vs Sweatpants: The Real Differences and Uses

    Athletic wear and athleisure have been trending fashion statements in recent years. Every celebrity’s airport look is a pair of ordinary-looking coordinates closely resembling workout clothes. People have gotten in on the trend and started looking at joggers and sweatpants as a staple in their closets. 

    With the recent work-from-home trend, everyone is looking for comfort over style. So while people with classic tastes might find it shocking to see a pair of running pants worn to the office on the weekend, this trend is here to stay.

    Joggers and sweatpants are everywhere – from the gym to the street to the office. So choosing the right pair of pants and styling them is key to pulling off the look you see on social media and television. 

    Joggers are not sweatpants, and while you may have heard the words joggers and sweatpants being used interchangeably, they are different clothing items. And since they seem to be close cousins in terms of how they look, it is often assumed that they are the same and can be used and styled the same.

    Joggers are different from sweatpants, depending on the material. While joggers are made for all climates, sweatpants are more suitable for colder climates. Joggers come with cinched or elasticated cuff, while sweatpants have a tapered fit. Sometimes, joggers and sweatpants can be different because of elastic. 

    The reason people assume that joggers and sweatpants are the same is because both refer to pants that have been specifically designed for comfort and efficiency. For those in the know, joggers and sweatpants have key differences that set them apart from each other. 

    Although both are designed with the same target- ease and comfort, the approach could not be more different. And because of the way they are designed, each of them leans towards their respective uses and relies on styling cues specific to each type of pants.

    Joggers and sweatpants are not to be confused with track pants. Track pants have been around since the 70s, and this is the time when athletic wear took off as a mainstream fashion staple. With the jogging boom in the latter part of the century, coupled with celebrities like Stallone and Bruce Lee wearing them in movies, more and more people started wearing them throughout the day. 

    In addition, the 90s saw sweats being the go-to piece of bottom wear for most hip-hop artists of the time. Finally, moving into the 21st century, it was clear that athleisure was here to stay.

    This post is all about demystifying joggers and sweatpants and all you need to know before picking one up.

    How are joggers different from sweatpants?

    There are many different ways to see how a pair of joggers is different from sweatpants. The fit, fabric, and design vary. Joggers were initially meant for running and walking, while sweatpants were for heavier workouts. Joggers are more lightweight and flexible than sweatpants. 

    Fabric: This is probably the main differentiating factor that distinguishes joggers from sweatpants. Sweatpants are usually heavier than joggers. This is because a thicker material is used when making sweatpants. Having a thicker material helps as sweatpants are designed to be worn in the winter or in places that have colder temperatures—because of this, wearing sweatpants when working out enables you to sweat better. 

    Joggers made for the Indian market come with about 80% cotton. Working out in joggers outdoors is not advisable if you live in places where the temperatures can get quite cold during winter. The material used to make joggers will allow the cold to seep in, making you very uncomfortable during the workout.

    Fit: Another differentiating factor between joggers and sweatpants is the fit. Both joggers and sweatpants are designed for comfort. Therefore, they tend to be loose-fitting. But, with changing trends, the fit of these pants has changed. Nowadays, joggers come in figure-hugging fits with tapered ends. In addition, they can be of varying lengths.

    Generally, joggers are characterised by an elasticised cuff at the ankle, and sweatpants have a straight-leg fit. Sweatpants can also be seen with a flared ankle or even Capri length ones. The elastic at the bottom of the joggers is usually broad, making it easy for the wearer to jog or exercise comfortably.   

    Design: Sweatpants used to be quite monotonous when it comes to design. The classic version of sweatpants is most likely to come in shades of grey. More recently, navy blue and black have become quite popular as well. With sweatpants being designed initially as loungewear – clothes that you lounge in at your house – comfort was the only quality expected out of these pants. Nowadays, though, sweatpants are available in many designs and prints. Sweatpants come with a drawstring waist.

    Sleeker than the baggier sweatpants, joggers are available in a wide variety of colours and prints, and additional design details like stripes on the side are very common when it comes to these. In addition, joggers usually come with an elasticised waist, while some may have a drawstring as well.

    Owing to the growing popularity of loungewear, sweatpants and joggers come in colourful prints- camouflage, animal, and tropical prints have all made their foray into the design templates of these popular pieces of clothing.  

    Functionality and uses: There is quite a difference in functionality between the two. Sweatpants are designed to make you sweat. During physical exertion, sweatpants are designed to soak up sweat and breathe. At home, sweatpants are to keep you warm during winters. They are the ideal pants for a workout and the lazy relaxation period post-workout. 

    The one thing to note here is that the thickness of the fabric differs between the sweatpants themselves. Heavy and dark sweatpants may make sense in colder temperatures, like going for a run in the hills or a hike. On the other hand, thinner and lighter ones may be better suited to more tropical climates and hang out with friends in a social setting. 

    Joggers are more form-fitting and are designed to keep you cool through anything, from workouts to warmer temperatures. Joggers are also intended to offer a high degree of mobility. The materials used to make joggers have come a long way with advances in recent materials technology. This has enabled manufacturers to develop various prints and jogger designs, adding to their ever-growing popularity. 

    What do I look out for when shopping for sweatpants and joggers?

    Choosing either of two depends on the way you intend to wear them. Both lend themselves well to various scenarios, and both are great to work out. However, keep in mind that sweatpants can get quite warm in tropical climates. Therefore, joggers make for a much better choice in this case.

    When looking for joggers, choose ones that will structure your silhouette. Joggers are designed to be flattering and enhance your frame. In this case, it is also a good idea to read online reviews of a particular brand of joggers for fabric and quality. Joggers of poor-quality fabric can easily lose their shape after a couple of wash cycles.

    General Styling Tips:

    Sweatpants and joggers have been around for some time and will be around for a while, going by their popularity. They have moved from something you wear lounging around in your living room and during workouts to street style, and you can wear them when hanging out with friends, walking your dog, going to the store, and so on. The list is practically endless.

    With them being such a part of hip-hop culture and street style in general, they lend themselves to being paired with leather jackets, heels, and hoodies. But, again, this is not set in stone; you can class up the style depending on your surroundings. 

    Sweatpants tend to lean towards a more relaxed look, and joggers are designed to complement the shape of your body with their tailored fits. The wide variety of prints and patterns that joggers are available in enables them to be matched with many tops and accessories. Joggers are trending right now, so they can be paired with practically anything. You can stay this comfortable while being this fashionable is almost a sin.

    Where do track pants figure in all this?

    While looking for sweatpants and joggers, it is not uncommon to come across track pants. While track pants may be similar to sweatpants and joggers, they are longer and have a loose fit around the ankles. Track pants are typically made of nylon and tend to be way lighter than sweatpants. And they are not tailored to be form-fitting either, which makes them very different from joggers. Track pants are explicitly designed for athletic purposes.


    Joggers: When To Wear And How To Style (The Style Guide)

    These sporty pants are the epitome of comfort. Joggers are full-length pants that have an elastic band at the ankle. These athletic-looking pants are wide at the hip but taper down till they reach your ankle. What is the best way to style these casual pants?

    Joggers come in a variety of styles and fabrics. The way you style your joggers relies heavily on the type of jogger you’re wearing. You can style jogger pants in many ways and still look like a fashionista. 

    In this article, let’s discuss when you can wear joggers. We’ll also talk about how to style different types of joggers for other occasions. 

    When Should You Wear Joggers?

    The fabric of your jogger pants decides when you can wear them. Most joggers are made from sweatpant material. This makes it best for casual wear. You can also get joggers in denim, cargo material, and more.  

    These comfortable, unisex pants are wardrobe staples in the summer. Sweatpant joggers are loose, breathable, and extremely comfortable on hot summer days. The elastic band near the ankles helps give your lounge outfit a more stylised touch. 

    Jogger pants were initially worn by people during exercise. The ankle band ensured that people didn’t trip over their pants. Joggers are a good option during cardio exercise. They will keep you comfortable by absorbing sweat. 

    Joggers are also an excellent choice to wear as an everyday outfit. If you want to feel comfortable, then joggers are the best options. 

    Joggers are full-length pants. So if you don’t experience extremely cold winters, they are a good option to wear at home. 

    High-end fashion brands are revolutionising what is considered ‘appropriate’. Brands like Gucci and Versace have joggers pants in their line-up. This is changing the street style adopted by celebrities. You can find people wearing joggers even in malls and at the beach. 

    Besides sweatpant material, you can also get denim joggers. These pants exit the realm of loungewear and enter into streetwear. Denim joggers are popular pant options amongst the young crowd. They won’t work as loungewear outfits. But you can wear them casually. 

    You can wear denim joggers for a birthday party or get-togethers. The pants are comfortable, and kids can easily play in jogger pants. They can wear denim joggers for a long time without feeling sweaty or suffocated. Like sweatpants, denim joggers are also slightly looser. 

    Cargo material is another popular fabric you can get joggers in. Cargo joggers usually come in neutral earth tones. They are best to wear as a streetwear outfit. Cargo joggers are usually bulkier than denim pants. So you can wear it with both a loose t-shirt for a casual style. With a tighter-fitting t-shirt, you’ll look more dressed up. 

    Another type of jogger is called ‘smart joggers’. These combine the comfort of jogger pants more formally. Smart joggers push the boundary of wearing loungewear as a formal outfit. Smart joggers are usually made with twill material. This adds stiffness to the pants.

    How to Style Jogger Pants? 

    Joggers are extremely versatile pants. But it’s difficult to style them because of their versatility. The pants look good with many types of shirts. But if you’re styling yourself to achieve a particular look, then the type of shirt and accessories you wear with joggers need more thought. 

    We’ve thought for you. Read on to know how to style joggers. 

  • Think of the Fit of the Top
  • Jogger pants are usually loose-fitting, especially near the knee. So if you want an even more casual look, you can go for a loose top. But, if you want your outfit to look a bit more modern, choose a tighter-fitting top. Henleys' t-shirts or form-fitting casual shirts are good options. A tight fit will look more appropriate for a day-out look. 

  • Add Layers to Make it Formal.
  • Layering works best with cargo or denim joggers. You can wear a casual t-shirt and dress it up with denim or a bomber jacket. This will give you a more elevated look that you can even wear to a bar or a night out. Though it’s not the typical night-out outfit, you will be comfortable wearing it. 

  • Choosing the Right Footwear 
  • It’s established that joggers are casual. So if you want your outfit to look more casual, you can go for open-toed sandals. 

    But if you want to look more stylised, then choose close-toed footwear. Sneakers, boots, and even ballerina flats help to elevate a jogger look. Chunky sneakers are both comfortable and stylish. But you can also wear heels if you’re wearing the outfit to brunch. 

    What to Wear With Joggers?

    After learning how to style jogger pants, it’s easy to put-together cohesive outfits. Here are some of the best tops to wear with joggers.

  • Oversized T-Shirt 
  • Pairing jogger pants with oversized t-shirts will give you one of two looks. Either it is the perfect loungewear outfit that you can wear in lieu of pyjamas. Or it’s a high-fashion street style outfit worn by celebrities in Los Angeles. 

    Jogger pants themselves are breathable and comfortable. But when you pair an oversized t-shirt with it, it becomes like wearing a cloud. The oversized t-shirt look works best with sweatpant joggers when worn indoors. But for streetwear, you can wear it with baggy cargo joggers or even denim joggers. 

  • Henleys T-shirt
  • Henleys' T-shirts are the perfect mid-point between casual and business-casual. Most henleys t-shirts are made with a cotton jersey material that’s comfortable and breathable. But you can also pair henleys t-shirts with twill joggers to get a day-out look. The fit of the twill joggers and a long-sleeved henleys shirt will make you look extra stylish. You can complete this look with a pair of sneakers. 

  • Tank Top and Jacket 
  • A layered look is always the best way to increase your style quotient immediately. You can add layers to joggers by wearing a denim jacket under a tank top. This look works well if you’re spending a day at the mall. If you want to forego the jacket, you can do that too. But instead, add an accessory like a scarf or a large necklace. 

    A tank top with joggers is also a good loungewear outfit. Wear a cotton tank with jogger sweatpants. You can wear this outfit to the gym or even in pyjamas. 

  • Oversized Sweaters 
  • Joggers with oversized sweaters are the most comfortable outfits for the chilly season. Pick a neutral or jewel-tone sweater. This outfit will help keep children warm without fear of overheating.

    The comfort of joggers is why everybody likes them. Knowing how best to style jogger pants is a handy trick to learn. And now you know!


    What To Wear With Jogger Pants For Girls?

    Joggers are some of the most versatile and comfortable pants that you can wear. But have you wondered how to style joggers for various occasions? 

    Styling clothes to make a fashionable outfit is not always easy. If you’re given a pair of joggers, it’s very easy to dress it up and dress it down. Comfort has permeated all spheres of fashion. With joggers, you can both look good and feel comfortable. They’re increasingly becoming a part of many people’s daily outfits. You can get joggers in even formal styles suitable for even professional settings. 

    For little girls on the run, joggers can be the perfect play-date outfit. They match well with most styles of tops. Here are some popular ways to style jogger pants for girls. 

    Significance of Jogger Pants 

    The name probably gives it away. Jogger pants are traditionally worn by people who jog. This style of pants is preferred because of how they fit. The pants have an elasticated waist and ankles. Because of the fitted ankles, the pants won’t impede any movement or activity. Joggers are also usually loose-fitting, which adds to the comfort they offer. 

    Today, joggers have become popular streetwear items because it has both form and function. You can get joggers in many fabrics, making them suitable for various occasions. Here are some of the best ways to style your joggers. 

    Best top to wear with joggers while exercising.

    Joggers are one of the best functions of the sport because they are so comfortable and breathable. Even if you sweat, they will be the most comfortable option. Here are some ways to wear joggers while exercising. 

    Joggers with a Tanktop 

    There is no better exercising outfit than cargo shorts and a black tank top. This will be one of the most comfortable options when doing a cardio exercise. If you’re planning on doing an outdoor workout, add a pair of sunglasses to the look. Jogger sweatpants are very soft and work well to avoid excessive sweat when exercising. 

    Joggers with t-shirt

    Cargo joggers are perfect to wear on a hike. Since the material is thick, it will protect you from sticks and brambles that may otherwise scratch you. And since it has numerous pockets, you won’t have to carry a separate bag. For the perfect hiking outfit, wear a tight-fitting t-shirt over your joggers. Then, you can add a thin sweatshirt. Make sure you have a removable layer on, as you will likely sweat on a hike. If you’re hiking in a hot area, you can wear your joggers with a sports bra. 

    Loose Sweatshirts 

    If your joggers are a bit on the tighter side, then they will look perfect when paired with loose sweatshirts. If the top is too loose, you can tuck in just the front portion to add a stylized element. You can also scrunch up the sleeve to give a more tousled look to your outfit. Finish your outfit with a pair of flat sneakers for the most comfort. Sweatshirts are best for indoor exercising as you will be in a weather-controlled environment. 

    Best top to wear with joggers in the summer.

    Cotton joggers are some of the most popular and commonly available ones. On a hot summer’s day, wearing joggers will cool you off. It is also easy to style joggers to look good for a day-out outfit. You will be comfortable even in a very dressed-up outfit with joggers. Here are some ideas to style joggers for the summer. 

    Sleeveless Tunic 

    A short, sleeveless tunic with denim joggers is the perfect summer outfit. Since both the top and bottoms are breezy, the summer heat won’t be a problem. You can add oversized sunglasses as an accessory to this outfit. Since denim joggers are a solid color, you can pair them with a top of any color. 

    Patterned Button-down

    If you’re attending a summer BBQ, then cargo joggers are some of the best options. For the perfect summer outfit, pair your joggers with a button-down shirt. Light colors and patterned shirts will look perfect. Finish the outfit with a pair of vans or chunky sneakers. This outfit will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

    Oversized T-shirt 

    If you’re a fan of Billie Elish, you would be very familiar with this outfit. This pop singer has recently revolutionized wearing baggy clothes over baggy clothes. If your pants are monochrome, you can pick a colorful top or style it vice versa. This style of clothing is also being marketed heavily by high-end fashion brands. 

    Loose crop top

    In keeping with the trend of elevated streetwear, a pair of black joggers and a loose crop top are some of the most popular outfits. For this trend, the most popular joggers with words or a band down the seam. This outfit looks complete with oversized sunglasses and white sneakers. This is a popular coffee shop outfit that is easy to throw together. 

    Tight-fitting t-shirt 

    Since the pants are loose, joggers will look best if worn with tight t-shirts. Most joggers are elasticated at the waist and have a drawstring attached. So stick to tops that are at least waist-length. You can finish the outfit with some pretty hair accessories that match the top. This look is suitable for going out for lunch. 

    Best top to wear with joggers in the winter.

    You can get joggers in various fabrics and patterns. In the winter, denim and cargo joggers make the most comfortable and functional pants. With even high-end fashion brands harping on the jogger's trend, there will be no question of looking shabby or dressed down. Here’s how to style joggers for the winter. 

    Joggers and Hoodies 

    The relaxed look of the pants matches perfectly with the relaxed look of hoodies. This is the easiest outfit to throw together as there is no need to accessorize. Cargo joggers are usually neutral shades of brown and tan. So try to pair it with earth tones or dark-shaded tops. This will give you the most cohesive outfit. Since cargo joggers are on the thicker side, they will help to keep you warm. 


    Yes, you can even pair jogger pants with blazers. Try to ensure the jacket and pants are in the same color. Then, you can add a solid top in a contrasting color. Minimally accessorize this outfit with a small necklace or some bangles. You can wear this outfit to formal meetings. 

    Casual Jackets 

    If you want to elevate the casual look of joggers for a day-out look, then layering is the way to go. First, wear a simple t-shirt or top. Try to pick a solid top. Then, add a solid denim or leather jacket. This will be an amazing party outfit that will turn heads. A black jacket will look good with almost any colored jogger pants. Add a dainty necklace and some hair accessories to finish the look. 

    White button-down 

    Nothing looks more classy than a white blouse. White shirts look best when paired with dark-colored pants. Formal joggers are usually cut-off at the ankles. So you can finish the outfit with a pair of high-heels. This makes for the perfect luncheon outfit. 

    As comfortable as they are, joggers are extremely versatile. Though they look casual, the correct pair of joggers can be worn for almost any occasion.  


    10 Best Fashionable Summer Accessories For Kids

    With seasonal fashion now being a part of the household lexicon, parents look for trendy summer wears offering total comfort to their children in the heat and humidity. Summer camps, long vacations and other fun outdoor activities expose the kids to the extremities of the weather. So curating the closet for your child warrants a comprehensive understanding of your best options. 

    In this blog, you get an in-depth look at the 10 best fashionable summer accessories for kids. From groovy sunglasses to elegant waterproof shoes and skin-sensitive clothes, there is an array of options to ensure the summertime vibes never stop! So this season, look out for-


    Trendy sunglasses protect your child from the harmful effects of sun rays while making them look adorable. Children love different colours and shades, so there are a wide variety of goggles on the market. You can also dress them up with matching attires and glasses for an added flare too. 

    Children’s eyes can also get affected by the sun's ultraviolet rays, just like their skin. So when you're buying a new pair for your child, opt for products which offer complete protection from UVA and UVB radiation.

    Waterproof Shoes

    Kids love to play with water. Whether toying with the backyard hose or jumping onto puddles, the youngsters are full of energy all around the clock. So, waterproof shoes come in handy this season. 

    Excessive exposure to water may lead to shoes getting prematurely worn out. Waterproof footwear, on the other hand, comes with guaranteed longevity. Spending time in wet shoes also increases the risk of your kid catching a cold. Damp-proof shoes ensure there isn't any growth of bacteria or fungus inside the footgear.

    Moreover, the sensitive skin of children is prone to developing blisters as they get softer when wet. Waterproof shoes are reliable in preventing such complications.

    Cotton wears

    Cotton fabric has a high water-absorbing ability. In the summer seasons, dressing your child up in loose-fitting and stylised cotton dresses is beneficial for their health. Cotton allows more air circulation, so these dresses are able to absorb and expel sweat effectively faster. As a result, the body temperature of your child remains normal. The breathable nature of cotton wear ensures there is no risk of getting sunburns.

    Not only that, cotton clothing is effective in offering resistance to several microbes. The immune system of a child is more vulnerable than an average adult, so they are way more susceptible to bacterial diseases in the warmer months. Studies have shown that surface-modified cotton clothing is able to provide 98% antimicrobial activity against the E.coli bacteria, which is very common in summer.

    Illustrated Sunhats 

    Sunhats are known for their extended brims. The wider it is, the more area of the child's face it can protect. In addition, these hats work as a natural barrier against UV rays. So it's best to buy a sunhat with a non-uniform shaped brim. Further, these bucket hats and lampshade toppers can add a vintage look to the youngster's appearance when the family hits the beach next time. 

    Printed Knotted Hairbands

    Novelty printed hairbands can provide an added twist to your child's summer fashion game. Limited seam and maximum stretch of these products offer your kid total comfort during the warmer weather. Further, with novelty prints, the hairbands become a personalised and unique memory for the little one.

    Rash Guards Swimwear

    Family time at the poolside is a constant staple of the summer activities. Enjoy your outing without worrying about your child's skincare with rash guard swimwear. These are made with polyamide and elastane to make certain that there are no allergies or rashes on the baby's skin from abrasion. Long sleeve variants are also able to protect them from UV rays. The chic prints are also guaranteed to delight your young one.

    These outfits are usually made with spandex, nylon or polyester. The rash guards are specifically made using flatlock stitching and multi-panel construction. This sun-protective clothing ensures no chafing on your kid's body, and makes certain of good hygiene practices. 

    Sling Bags

    This sunny season, you can surprise your kids by gifting them a trendy sling bag. These products have strong and adjustable shoulder straps so that the youngsters can carry them wherever they want. Made with durable fabric material, the bags can contain the toys or storybooks that your children love the most. These spacious bags are also lightweight so that they can carry them easily.


    Stylish overalls are a delightful touch to your child's summer vibes. The dungarees have dominated the market as one of the recent times' most beloved nostalgic trends. This stylish attire is also comfortable for the young ones during the hot weather. The bib-and-brace look has continued to be a prominent aspect of the current fashion discourse. Moreover, these cute attires are easy to machine-wash, so there is no added stress for the parents also!

    Printed Shorts

    Voguish shorts are likely to be the most common outfit for everyone in the summer. Dressing your kid in fashionable and comfortable shorts is a sure-fire way to help them stay cool in the rising temperature. Colourful printed or denim shorts will become the youngster's new favourite. 

    Moreover, these products are low-maintenance in nature, so you don't have to worry when the kids play in the dirt or sand. Shorts need occasional washing or drying. This is because there are no unique cleaning methods that you need to follow. Furthermore, you can remove wrinkles by using a steam iron.

    Misting Fans

    When the mercury peaks, outdoor adventures also go upswing. The long lines outside theme parks or joyrides may be a taxing experience for the young ones. So you may opt for a misting fan for such an occasion. These portable devices are small enough to carry in the pocket and a sustainable fashion choice that benefits your kid's health. 

    These mini fans are generally battery or USB powered, providing a cooling and calming experience to the kids when they're outdoor. In addition, the manufacturers engineer these products to sustain their charge for hours when used. So the next time you are packing your bags for a summer trip, you can add this little lifesaver to your backpack!

    Other Fashionable Summer Accessories For Kids

    The new-age parents are more invested in the day-to-day activity of their children than the previous generation. So it is natural for you to look through all the cosy apparel choices for your kids in summer. 

    Some of the exciting picks you can opt for your little one include-

    • Child-Friendly Sunscreens
    • 5-Panel Caps
    • Bows and Headwraps
    • Muslin Bonnet
    • Knit Baby Bloomers
    • Digital And Analogue Watches
    • Hairpins And Clips
    • Hair Ties
    • Swim Goggles
    • Beach Towels
    • Onesie
    • Bandanas and more!

    Things To Consider

    Kids' fashion is a delicate subject to deal with. So, when you are picking out the accessories for your child's summer activities, please remember that-

    • Putting the baby's comfort over style is the priority.
    • Try to get as many colourful products as possible.
    • Children grow up fast. So, maybe buy a dress one size larger than the one they wear now.
    • Select the clothes that better suit your kids' personalities. Then, let them decide if they do or do not want to wear something after all.
    • Children are hyperactive. So it's best to not invest in dry-clean only products for them.
    • Experiment with contrasting patterns and prints.
    • Integrate diverse fashionable summer accessories for kids in their looks for everyday activities.

    Dress Your Kids Beautifully On Their Birthday

    A birthday is a special day no matter how old you are. And if the birthday falls on a weekday, it’s even more special because kids get to wear colour-dress to school! Want to know how to dress your kids beautifully on their birthday?

    Most people pull all the stops for birthday dresses. Dress your kids in clothes that are both unique and comfortable. Try new styles and colours to dress them beautifully. 

    Read on to get creative ideas on dressing your kids for their birthday. 

    How to Dress Your Kids Traditionally For Their Birthday

    Some parents like to go the traditional route for birthday outfits. Indian traditional wear includes outfits like a Pattu Pavadai, Veshti, or Sherwani. These clothes are available in silk, silk cotton, cotton, or chiffon fabrics. So if you’re sending your kids to school in these clothes, make sure they’ll be comfortable for the whole day. 

    For Girls

    Indian traditional wear usually includes a ton of accessories. You can include accessories like bangles and a bindi if you’re dressing your daughter in a traditional salwar or skirt set. This will make the outfit look complete and enhance the look. Make sure whatever clothes they’re wearing have a cotton lining on the inside. This will help to protect them from overheating and being uncomfortable. Open-toed sandals look good for this type of outfit. 

    Don’t be afraid to choose unique colour combinations for a traditional look. You can also find different styles of Kurti’s and salwar to make the look more unique. If the outfit comes with a dupatta, pin it on your child’s outfit. Other salwar styles include shararas or Anarkali’s. So it’s a good option if you want your child to look out of the box. 

    For Boys

    For boys, traditional wear is usually a kurta or dhoti set. When dressing your son in a dhoti, ensure the waist knot is secure. It is also a good idea to have them wear shorts or pants inside the dhoti. For this look, a brightly coloured shirt will look the best. You can get both dhotis and shirts in cotton or other natural fabrics. This will ensure they don’t sweat the whole day. 

    A semi-traditional outfit idea for boys is to dress them in an Indian kurta top with jeans. This is a trendy look that is also comfortable to wear for the whole day. You can put them in sandals or sneakers for this look. You can find kurtas in a variety of fabrics and styles. Make sure you give your kid the opportunity to choose their clothes. 

    How to Dress Your Kids In Western Style For Their Birthday

    Many parents like to dress their kids in western styles for their birthday. Western clothes are usually more comfortable and can be worn more often than traditional clothes. So the usability increases. There are also a lot more western clothing styles available. So it’s easier to pick a unique outfit if you’re going for a western look. 

    For Girls 

    There is no shortage of western styles for girls. If you want to dress them in a fancy or semi-formal way, you can put them in a gown or jumpsuit. These styles are pretty unique and work perfectly for a birthday outfit. You can get western gowns in various lengths and cuts. The little black dress (LBD) is one of the most popular wardrobe staples. Fit-and-flare dresses also look very cute.  You can get full-length or short dresses. Pick the length that your child is comfortable in. You can style it with a denim jacket or overcoat on top for a jumpsuit. Then, you can finish the look with long boots or sneakers. 

    You can also style jeans under a t-shirt and a jacket for a casual look. This will give you a more laid-back style that your kid will be more comfortable in. You can also style jeans with a peplum top or a long top. These outfits are much more practical and comfortable to wear for long. 

    For Boys 

    If you want to dress your son in a formal western outfit, a 3-piece suit is good. This outfit consists of a blazer, pants, and a shirt. The whole look will look best if you put your son in semi-formal close-toes shoes. If you don’t want them to look too formal, a waistcoat with jeans is a better option. You can get cotton or silk-cotton waistcoats. Put the waistcoat over a full-sleeve shirt. Then, if you want to maintain a formal look, go for cargo pants. If not, jeans will also look good for this outfit. Finish the look with sneakers for a classy look. 

    Formal pants and a shirt with suspenders are a unique option. Suspenders have lost popularity recently, so you won’t see many people wearing them. So you should dress your son in suspenders. 

    But formal wear isn’t the only option. There are a lot of casual looks you can style your son in. The first is regular jeans and t-shirt look. Henley’s t-shirts are good options that are comfortable and look good. You can also style the jeans with a short-sleeved t-shirt and an open-button shirt. You can also replace the open-button shirt with a denim jacket. This is a trendy outfit for boys. It exudes style while also being comfortable. Shoes are one of the most significant accessories for boys. So don’t forget to style your son is suitable sneakers or sandals. 

    How to Dress Your Kids According To A Theme

    The most recent trend is having a themed birthday party for young children. This includes having themed decor, music, and food. But one of the most important aspects is that the birthday baby is dressed according to the theme. There are various ways to go about dressing for a theme. 


    You can control a DIY outfit. This is a good way to ensure your child will be comfortable at the party. For example, let’s take wildlife to be the theme. You can find t-shirts with animals on them that match the theme of this look. Another option is to dress your child like they’re the safari leader. This would include khaki shorts and a t-shirt. You can also add binoculars or a safari hat as accessories. A DIY outfit doesn’t have to be over-the-top. That’s one of the best parts. You can dress as simple or extravagant as you want. 

    What to Consider Before Buying Birthday Outfits 


    This is the first requirement for any outfit you dress your child in. They should be comfortable in their clothes. This means the outfit should be breathable, fit properly, and allow a range of movement. One way to ensure your child will like their outfit is to have them pick for themselves. If you’re sending your children to school in their birthday outfits, ensure it is breathable. If not, send them with an extra set of clothing. 


    Many parents buy birthday outfits for aesthetic appeal. But what’s the point in buying clothes if they can only wear them once or twice. Pick birthday clothes that you’ll dress your children in often. Practical outfits are also naturally more comfortable to wear. And by buying wearable outfits, you also won’t be wasting money on one-use items.


    There is no better time to experiment with different styles than when you’re young. And a birthday is the perfect excuse to buy different styles of clothing. Style your kids in unique clothes that aren’t a typical part of their wardrobe. If your kid usually wears only western outfits, pick a traditional look for their birthday. Have fun with the outfit styling. 

    Every parent dreams of dressing their child in the most stylish outfits for their birthdays. One important rule is to ensure the child’s comfort. And also, take creative liberty with the styling. That is the best way to achieve a unique birthday look. 


    Styling Your Kids - The Do's And Don'ts

    There are so many cute clothes you could dress them in. But many aren’t comfortable, and many don’t look good on them. So how do you style your kids?

    The primary concern is that they are comfortable. Dress them in clothes and colours they want to wear. Always ensure your child is comfortable before going out the door. Another criterion is that they wear weather-appropriate clothing. Many children don’t communicate if they’re feeling too hot or cold. Carry back-ups wherever you go. 

    If you want to become a kid’s styling expert, read on. 

    Styling Tips For Dressing Your Children - The Do’s

    Buy and Dress Children in Clothes They Like

    Whether you like it or not, it’s important that your children like their clothes. That’s the only way your children will be comfortable with what they’re wearing. Giving them a choice establishes the fact that you are valuing their decision. This will harbour an excellent parent-child relationship in the future. 

    Further, if your children don’t enjoy the clothes they’re wearing, the odds are that they will be in a sour mood. This will affect everyone’s day. If your kid is over 2.5-3 years, allow them to pick their outfit. If you want a bit more control over their 

    Prioritise Comfort 

    Children have soft skin that’s highly irritable. Many parents enjoy dressing their kids in poofy or scratchy dresses because it looks good. But they don’t realise that this is highly uncomfortable for the child. Think about how you would feel wearing the big, scratchy frock. If you feel uncomfortable, then chances are your child will as well. 

    Always buy soft fabrics that are gentle on the skin. And before you dress your child, look for any tags or labels that could irritate them. Be sure to cut the label out. This will eliminate any chance of discomfort. 

    Go For A Minimal Style

    Children enjoy running around and having a fun time. If they’re wearing heavy clothing, their fun could be hampered. Unless your child specifically requests it or the weather requires it, avoid dressing your kid in multiple layers. If the weather is slightly cold, then opt for a full-sleeved t-shirt. And before your child leaves the house, have them jump or stretch in their outfit. The outfit is good if they’re comfortable accomplishing a range of motion. 

    Getting The Sizing Right

    Choosing the right size for children’s clothes is always confusing. If you buy them the right size, they’ll grow out of the outfit in 1 month. If you size up, then it seems like the outfit is always loose. If you’re buying pants, look for ones with an elasticated waistband. These will stretch to accommodate growing children. You can also opt for knit-wear or stretchy t-shirts.

    If possible, always have your children try the clothes before buying them. Shop from reputed brands with trustworthy sizing charts if you’re shopping online. Some clothes, like function wear or traditional clothes, must fit right. So when buying traditional Indian clothes, look for expandable options. 

    Dress For The Weather 

    Children often won’t come and tell you if they’re feeling too cold or too warm, especially if they’re in the middle of a very interesting game with their friends. So it's your responsibility to ensure your children are protected from the weather. If your kid is going for a play date, dress them in layers. This way, you can remove the outer layer if they get too hot or keep it on if it’s cold. 

    Choose An Inexpensive Style 

    Children grow out of their clothing in a blink. So it’s not a good decision to buy expensive clothing for your children. If your child grows through a growth spurt, then start buying very inexpensive styles. You can also make “oversized” a fashion statement and get them big clothes that will fit better once they grow. 

    Since small kids aren’t very careful about taking care of their clothing, children’s clothes often rip or get stains. This is another reason you shouldn’t invest too much in children’s clothing. Choose darker shades that do not show stains easily. 

    Skip The Accessories

    If you’re going to an Indian function, you might be compelled to go overboard with the accessories. But most earrings and necklaces are uncomfortable, even for adults. So just think about how your kid will feel in it. Another issue is that kids don’t know how to care for precious jewels. So they may end up breaking or losing it. If you’re putting them in accessories, go for fabric beads or something that may not irritate them. 

    Experiment Different Styles 

    There is no better time to experiment than when you’re young. Once you get older, you may not feel bold enough to try new clothing styles. But kids don’t have this inhibition. So try all your experimentation desires on them, granted they’re okay with it. Clothing is a way to express oneself, so trying new styles is a good idea. 

    Jumpsuits and dungarees are some trendy children’s clothing items. Athleisure is another trendy area of clothing. Neutral shades and pastels have been trending colours recently. So explore these news styles to give your kids a myriad of options. Your children may also get bored sticking to a single style. 

    Styling Tips For Dressing Your Children - The Dont’s

    The Wrong Material 

    The outfit's fabric decides how soft or harsh the clothing is on the skin. Materials like polyester, nylon and laminated cotton don’t allow the skin to breathe. This means the body's sweat will have no way to evaporate. This might lead to rashes and irritated skin conditions. Always touch the material before buying clothes. 

    Cotton, linen, and other natural fabrics are soft and breathable. When possible, always choose natural fabrics. If you’re dressing your kid for an occasion, then forgoing net fabric or lace may not be an option. Even here, try to look for the softest material. Run your hand through the inside of the garment. This will help you identify any poking tassels or beads. 

    Dress Them Too Tight 

    Tight clothing impedes blood circulation, especially if worn for a longer time. So never dress your children in tight clothing. It’s alright if you go one size too big, but never buy a smaller size. Tight clothing also has a higher probability of ripping. Check the armhole and waistband. If the clothes don’t fit correctly, it could dig into your child’s skin. If you feel a dress is too tight, check if there are ways to expand the hem. If not, then it’s time to donate it.


    Some parents are very enthusiastic about dressing their kids in cute outfits. And in enthusiasm, they buy too many clothes. The issue here is that children may outgrow these clothes very quickly. If you’re trying out a new style, then buy one garment. Allow your child to wear it and see if they like it. If they’re comfortable wearing the new style, you can shop for more pieces. But don’t go overboard with the shopping spree. 

    Things To Consider Before Dressing Your Kids

    Here are the parameters you need to think about before dressing your children. 

    The Occasion

    Are your kids going to a birthday party? Then smart-casuals will be the best look. Are they going to a rollerskating class? Then cargo shorts or joggers may be the better option. Always think about the occasion for which you’re dressing your children. This will allow you to come up with suitable styles. Knowing the occasion will also help you plan the day better. You may need to take an extra set of clothing or an extra layer. 

    The Location & Weather

    Will they be outdoors or indoors? Knowing this will tell you the clothes to style your children in. The location will also give you an insight into the weather you’ll be facing. If you’re going to an amusement park, you’ll know that you need waterproof clothing and an extra set of clothes. 

    Dressing children is fun because you can play around with colours and styles. Just always keep their comfort in mind. 


    Best Summer Outfits For Kids

    The sunny season brings forth long breaks for kids from their usual routine. B But it is also a time of scorching weather, thriving bacteria, and other obstacles with the mercury rising. So, it is essential to pick the finest clothing for their time spent outdoors. Likewise, the parents have to carefully opt for adorable and health-conscious apparel for their little ones.

    So, what are some of the best summer outfits for kids?

    If you are a parent, go for dependable attire choices such as-

    • Loose T-Shirts
    • Skirts and Frocks
    • Pyjamas
    • Denim and Printed Shorts, etc.

    These summer clothing are specifically designed to ensure the kids feel cosy and at home when wearing them. Young children have sensitive skin and a comparatively weaker immunity system, so it is the first priority to keep them safe and secure in this season.

    In this blog, you will get an in-depth overview of these summer wear and why they are the best outfits for your kid. Seasonal fashion is now a constant staple of the modern-day fashion discourse. So, it is vital to go for alternatives which are stylish and don't hinder your kid's comfort level, such as-

    Loose T-Shirts

    A secure course of action to keep your kids comfortable is to buy cotton t-shirts for them. Cotton fabric has the ability to absorb and expel moisture fast. So these clothes provide a cooling effect in the summer, using the body heat to vaporise the sweat from your kid's skin. 

    There are a wide variety of cotton t-shirts available in the market with trendy designs. Go for loose-fitting ones, as the breathable nature of cotton will provide the child with optimal comfort. These products are also effective if your child is getting excessive exposure to sunlight. Cotton t-shirts work as a natural barrier between the sunray and the kid's skin, making sure there are no sunburns.

    Furthermore, as the summer season is a heyday for viruses like E. coli to thrive, it's best to dress the young ones with these cotton products. Studies have shown that this fabric can offer a robust anti-microbial activity against such viruses. 

    Skirts And Frocks

    Children love different shades, colours and textures of products in their day-to-day use. This is because visual materials have a significant effect on young minds. Experts have pointed out that bright colours directly affect your kid's positive mental development. So when you're looking for the appropriate garments for them, always go for the vibrant ones.

    Apparels like skirts and frocks come in such different flares of colour. These are available in different fabrics and patterns, undoubtedly becoming your child's new favourites. Moreover, dresses like these allow comfortable air ventilation during the hot and humid weather, keeping your baby cosy all the time. There is also no risk of inseam rash caused by these clothes to the little ones' skins.


    Dressing your child in thin layers as the temperature goes upswing is quintessential. So pyjamas have become a go-to product when you are curating their summer wardrobes. Printed pyjama sets are aesthetically pleasing and likely to provide visual stimuli to your children, becoming their treasured attires. 

    The PJs keep them cool and comfortable during the humidity outside. So it is best to dress them in these during their nap times to make certain they get complete rest without any complications. 

    Denim And Printed Shorts 

    Kids are hyperactive individuals. To them, the summer vibes equal outdoor vacation, beach outings, or rollercoaster rides at theme parks. So this is a good time for them to sport stylised shorts. These do not present an obstacle to a child's free movements at all. Moreover, these allow enough air circulation to help against excessive perspiration.

    Denim and cotton twill fabric, alongside seersucker and chambray, are the most commonly used products to design shorts. In addition, you can opt for printed or customisable variants that will give it a more personalised touch to your kid.

    Jumpsuits  And Rompers

    Mood swings go hand-in-hand with children when they are growing up. So prepping them for any occasion may be a hassle for parents as they maintain a tight work-life balance. Jumpsuits and rompers come in handy in such events. These chic designer clothes are time-saving when you're dressing up the young one and offer an elegant look for the warmer seasons.

    Rompers are also super-comfortable for the daily activities of your children. Additionally, these clothes are durable, so these can sustain the expected tear and wear a youngster's outfits go through. 

    Cropped Tee

    If your kid prefers floral scrunchies or printed bows and headbands, it is a great choice to pair those up with a suave cropped tee. The apparel is soft and cushy, so the children feel at ease sporting these during the warmer weather.

    Cropped tees have always been a predominant style statement, so your child will definitely feel confident wearing these on playgrounds or at a friend's birthday party. These also go well with frocks and shorts, so there are a variety of options to mix and match. You can also encourage your child to try out sneakers or sandals with the cropped tee as it brings home a casual trendy vibe.

    Rash Guards

    Made of polyamide and elastane, rash guards are a primary tool to protect your children's skin from the harmful effect of sunlight. If you're taking your little ones to a poolside family day or a beach picnic, there is always the risk of overexposure to the sun. Rash guards are able to keep the UV rays off your kid's skin, reducing the risk of sunburns. So when you're buying one, ensure it has a UPF 50 certificate.

    These garments also ensure there are no rashes caused by the beach water or the rough sands. Seaweeds can also produce complications if your kid gets exposed to them. The rash guards are able to offer a comprehensive solution to these issues so that there are no stumbling blocks in your child's summer fun activities!  


    Recent fashion trends have been emblematic of the millennial generation's urge to take a trip down the memory lane. Nostalgia is a crucial aspect of the dialectics surrounding what is in vogue right now. One of the returning style trends that the young parents have preferred is dungarees or overalls for their kids.

    Dungarees are a cost-friendly investment to help your kid beat the hit in style. They are cosy for your little one to play in the sun and not get fatigued. These bibs and braces are made with an elastic material and practical lining to ensure that the child is entirely at ease when sporting these. 

    Moreover, if the youngsters are playing in the puddle or with mud, do not worry about the cleaning process. These products are easy to machine-wash, so there is no extra hassle for you.

    Pinafore Dress

    A pinafore dress is a suitable combination of style and comfort for your little fashion icons! Moreover, these clothes come in a wide size range, so it is comparatively easier to pick out the ones best fitting for them. Moreover, the plush attires are a perfect outfit for their outdoor playing sessions in the summer to keep the youngsters cool as the temperature rises.

    The unique speciality of pinafore dresses lies in how multi-dimensional they are. These attires work as sundresses, aprons or jumpers and allow free movement. So, no matter which event you're attending with your kids, they are going to be the break-out stars. 

    A-Line Dress

    The A-line dresses designed specifically for kids usually have cotton, nylon, or net layers. These fit-and-flare dresses are guaranteed to make your little ones look precious! Furthermore, the cotton rayon of these products is effective in keeping the children's body temperature under check in the sunny seasons.

    Lighter Jackets 

    Whereas layering is not a common dress-up choice in the warmer months, you can opt for kid-friendly, comfortable summer jackets for your children. These are not thick as their winter-season counterparts, as the main objective here is being a style statement. 

    The lighter jackets can also be paired with A-line dresses to create a charming look. Pick a button-down bomber jacket which can add a sporty edge to the youngsters' outfit. Or, if they prefer, go with a long sleeveless vest that matches the recent popular trend.

    Short-Sleeve Shirts

    Casual short sleeve shirts are one of the most common outfits worn during the sunny seasons. So feel free to pick up linen products for your children. Linen shirts are soft, breathable attires that do not trap moisture. Consequently, these provide a refreshing effect to the young ones sporting these. 

    When it comes to recent fads, the interest seems to turn towards minimalism instead of more grandiose garments. So the designs of short sleeves available in the market are predominated by out-of-the-box prints, graphics and patterns. Kids always find contrasting shades and textures intriguing, so they are bound to love these.


    Legwear choices become tricky when you're trying to pick out more formal outfits for your children in summer. Trousers come in handy in these situations as these allow better aeration, unlike jeans products. Paired with Cuban collar short-sleeve shirts, pleated or wide-leg trousers can offer your little one a laid-back look for summer camp adventures. 

    Things To Remember When Choosing Best Summer Outfits For Kids

    When you are curating your children's wardrobe with adorable and fashionable summer wears, please keep in mind that-

    • Their comfort level is the first and foremost priority. Do not go for style over comfort.
    • Kids grow up in the blink of an eye. So, buy a product one size larger than what they wear now.
    • Try to buy products with more than three stitch overlocks. Children's clothing goes through way more wear and tear than usual, so you need to ensure the longevity of these products.
    • Easily washable garments are essential. The youngsters will often get their clothes dirty. Attires needing special washing techniques can become added pressure on your busy schedule. 
    • Avoid clothes with drawstrings and large pockets, as the little ones might trip and fall.
    • Pick out products that can go well with a wide range of summer accessories like sunglasses, sunhats, bonnets, hairpins, watches, etc.
    • Make sure your children actually feel at ease in what you think are the best summer outfits for kids. Kids like attires that go best with their personalities. The final say should be of the children themselves about whether they want to sport the dress or not.